Acquasparta Apartments


Located in southern Umbria, Acquasparta is a medieval village nestled at the foot of a hill.
The territory, one of the greenest areas of Umbria, was known in Roman times as a spa for the curative properties of its waters coming from local springs.

The first historical reference date back to the year 996 when the castle of Acquasparta became part of the Terre Arnolfe, Arnolfi family feud.

After various rulers, it knew the heyday under the rule of Cesi family, when it became the center of fervent cultural life culminating in the founding of the Accademia dei Lincei (1603), the first school of science in Europe.

In the historical center the most representative building is Palazzo Cesi, a splendid Renaissance architecture that was home to the prestigious Academy of Lincei and the residence of the Duke Federico Cesi, in 1624 was home for a short period to Galileo Galilei. Inside, there are many rooms with frescoes and coffered ceilings.

Every year in Acquasparta there is the famous "Renaissance Revival" with events, taverns and competitions between the three "contrade". During Christmas Holidays on the dates of 26 December and 1 - 6 January each year is represented the living nativity scene in the streets of the village. Another well-known event is the children's carnival that takes place every year during the carnival period.