Trastevere Apartments

Trans Tiber,  literally “beyond the river”. That’s the original name of the biggest district on the right side of the river Tevere. During the  Roman Empire it was mostly countryside except for some villas and fishermen and sailors shacks by the water.

It's population grew consistently during Medieval period. Roads and bridges were built to let chariots cross the river. In this neighborhood there was always a big contrast of richness and poverty that live very close to each other here. Since then the district was a multi-ethnic place and that’s one of the reasons why Trastevere has an own identity, the neighborhood’s inhabitants are called Trasteverini.

The girls from here were popular for being very charming because of their exotic beauty.

It could be amusing to check out the place “Libri, cioccolata e vino a Trastevere” at the address: Vicolo dei Cinque 11 to try their “sveltine” and “bottarelle”, alcoholic shots with chocolate and more.
The market of Piazza San Cosimato is very characteristic. The market offers fresh vegetables, fruit, meat and fish.