San Giovanni Apartments

Saint John’s (San Giovanni) district grew up all around the Basilica, the Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano “mother and chief of all churches”. Most people don’t know that this is the first church in Rome in matters of politic influence. It is in fact the Holy See. It is actually the first Basilica even in matters of timing. It was made by Constantine just after his winning against Massenzio in the battle that took place at Ponte Milvio (a bridge on the Tiber).

The Basilica was restored and rebuilt for four times in the centuries. The one we have today is the baroque one made by Borromini. It’s good to know that the Holy Steps (in Italian La Scala Santa) it’s the one from Jerusalem, those are the 23 steps that Jesus walked before being judged from Ponzio Pilato. It was taken from the Holy Land and brought in Rome by Saint Elena, Constantine’s mother.

In the Church are conserved some very significant Christian relics: the two heads of Saint Peter and Saint Paul and part of the table used from Jesus and his Apostles for their Last Supper.The big square is often set for big concerts and cultural events, the most important is the Labors Day concert the 1st of May.