Piazza di Spagna Apartments

Its name comes from the presence of the “Spanish Embassy by The Holy Church”. The square includes also the famous Spanish Steps. The sumptuous flight of steps (135) was built between 1721 and 1725 for the Jubileum by Pope Benedetto XIII. It was meant to be a connection between the spectacular church of Trinità dei Monti with the embassy.

By that time the Pincio (the church’s hill) was isolated from the rest of the city, that was because of its steepness. Well the Pope’s solution was a perfect and “monumental” baroque solution to the problem. It took 17 years instead to built the church (finished in 1519) and even more to dedicate it from Pope Sisto V in 1585.

In the lower part of the square, just below the steps, there’s a fountain called La Barcaccia (the longboat) started by master Pietro Bernini who died before finishing it, but the job was ended by a young boy who will be soon one of the most important Rome’s artist: his son Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

To make a better and impressive entry in the Square I suggest you to come from Via dei Condotti.
One of the things that made the area famous, is shopping. In the nearby streets, such as Via Condotti, Via del Babuino, Via del Corso, there are the most famous (and expensive!) top brands’ boutiques.

For race sports lovers: on Via Tomacelli there’s a Ferrari Store with a real Formula1 inside the shop!