Monti, Colosseo Apartments

Monti’s district is probably Rome’s most ancient area. The name “Monti” (hills) it’s because it included four of the Seven Hills: the Esquilino, the Viminale, part of the Quirinale and of the Celio.
To well describe this neighborhood would take forever so let’s talk about the most important and curious aspects.

Is the main residential area close to the Colosseum.

The neighborhood  was divided in two parts: the higher and the lower. The high part was the rich one, also Julius Caesar and the poet Marziale lived here. The lower one was the poorest because it used to be next by the river and was always muddy.

It’s not very popular but in Monti you can visit the most ancient Christian church of the world. It’s just below San Martino ai Monti’s fountations there is the Titulus Auquitii (Equizio’s property), ten meters below the ground level. During the III aD century the Christians were considered outsiders and outlaws, as soon as they were arrested they were tortured and slaughtered. Of course this didn’t happen to Equizio, owner of the property (in Latin Titulus).

A typical activity of the monticiani (district of Monti’s inhabitants) is to chill at the square Piazza Madonna dei Monti surrounded by the joy and the vivacity of the square. Or also beautiful and charming is to get lost in the quiet alleys passing thru Piazza degli Zingari, Via Urbana or Via del Boschetto where you can find lots of tiny bars, romantic restaurants and warm wine bars.