Fontana di Trevi Apartments

After the fall f the Roman Empire, the neighborhood Trevi became uninhabited. After 1600 during the Renaissance period it got very crowded again. It’s name comes from the old one in Latin Trivium and was rebuilt on the Roman so as the rest of the historical center. It’s major attraction is, of course, the Trevi Fountain.

It was built over the ancient “Virgin Water’s” aqueduct, made by Augustus, which was a water supply for the whole neighborhood, even for the Pantheon’s area, far by that time. This aqueduct is the most ancient one still working in Rome and it always did since its building. Part of it still feeds the Fountain.

The Trevi Fountain was unveiled in 1735 by Pope Clemente XII, Nicola Salvi was the artist and architect who made it. We couldn’t not mention the “coin throwing”. You have absolutely to do it with the Fountain at your back! This tradition is a very ancient one. The offering was often an iron coin and its purpose was to gain the favors of Gods. Nowadays its purpose is to come back soon to the Caput Mundi (capital of the world), Rome. All the coins are gathered once a while from Rome’s administration which donate them to voluntary organization.