Ponte Vecchio Apartments

Ponte Vecchio, is the symbol of Florence, the oldest of the six bridges, is one of the city's best known images. It is the only one survived to the Second World War. It was built in stone but then newly destroyed by a flood in 1333.

It was built again twelve years later, by Neri da Fioravante or Taddeo Gaddi, according to Giorgio Vasari.
The three arches and the main part was widened. The jewels shops, housed under the porticos, first belonged to the Commune which then rented them out.

Later on, around the 15th century, they were sold to private owners and began to change through subsequent additions, extending towards the river and changing the original architecture in an anarchical, suggestive way.

The Corridoio Vasari cross the all bridge and it is a connection between Palazzo Pitti and Galleria degli Uffizi.

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