Rome apartments Today Rome is one of the most important tourist destinations of the world, due to the incalculable immensity of its archaeological and artistic treasures, as well as for the charm of its unique traditions, the beauty of its panoramic views, and the majesty of its magnificent "villas" (parks).

Rome is the 3rd most visited city in Europe, after London and Paris, and receives an average of 7-10 million tourists a year, which sometimes doubles on holy years.

We made a selection of central Rome apartments to give you the most beautiful experience you may wish in discovering Rome.

Here is a list of the best central zone, in which you can find the best Rome apartments for your needs!
Vaticano - Apartments Vaticano - Apartments The Borgo-Vaticano borders the Vatican City, Saint Peter's Square, to the West, the Tiber to the East, Prati to the North, the quartiere Aurelio to the Southwest and Trastevere to the South. Gianicolo - Apartments Gianicolo - Apartments The Gianicolo hill (not one of the Seven Hills) soars above Trastevere. From the hill you get the best view of Rome…it’s awesome, don’t miss it! Campo dei Fiori - Apartments Campo dei Fiori - Apartments Probably the square’s name’s origin (literally “flower’s field”) it’s because it was abandoned for several years during the XIV century and got covered with wild flowers. In 1456 Pope Callisto III paved it so that it became a crowded area and a poular horse market took place there twice a week. Monti - Colosseo - Apartments Monti - Colosseo - Apartments Monti’s district is probably Rome’s most ancient area. The name “Monti” (hills) it’s because it included four of the Seven Hills: the Esquilino, the Viminale, part of the Quirinale and of the Celio (it doesn’t include the last two anymore). Navona-Pantheon - Apartments Navona-Pantheon - Apartments The Tiber’s twist which embraces the “center of the historical center” it’s for sure the area that includes one of the most rich geographical area in terms of historical and artistic heritage. The main squares are Piazza Navona and the Pantheon’s square. Piazza di Spagna - Apartments Piazza di Spagna - Apartments Its name comes from the presence of the “Spanish Embassy by The Holy Church”. The square includes also the famous Spanish Steps Trastevere - Apartments Trastevere - Apartments “Trans Tiber”: literally “beyond the river”. That’s the original name of the biggest district on the right side of the river: Trastevere. During the Roman Empire it was mostly countryside except for some villas (Julius Caesar had his own here) and fishermen and sailors’ shacks by the water. Musei Vaticani-Prati - Apartments Musei Vaticani-Prati - Apartments With its 994 inhabitants, the Vatican has the prime world record as smaller State on the Earth and also the only left to have, after Italian, Latin as official language. Fontana di Trevi - Apartments Fontana di Trevi - Apartments After the fall f the Roman Empire, the neighborhood Trevi became uninhabited. After 1600 during the Renaissance period it got very crowded again. It’s name comes from the old one (in Latin Trivium) and was rebuilt on the Roman so as the rest of the historical center. It’s major attraction is, of course, the Trevi Fountain. Flaminio Popolo - Apartments Flaminio Popolo - Apartments Flaminio is the first Quartiere in Rome and is located in the northern area of the city, beside the Aurelian Walls and between the left side of via Flaminia and the Tiber river. Piazza del Popolo - Apartments Piazza del Popolo - Apartments The name of the square (literally “square of the people”) probably it’s because Pope Pasquale II built the church (Santa Maria del Popolo) and then the square using entirely tax money instead of church belongings. Termini-San Giovanni - Apartments Termini-San Giovanni - Apartments Saint John’s (San Giovanni) district grew up all around the Basilica, the Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano “mother and chief of all churches”. Via Veneto - Apartments Via Veneto - Apartments This street is very popular, besides its position and beauty, because of the Federico Fellini’s movie “La Dolce Vita”. This film is a “cross-section” of the “Italian dream” in the ’50. Parioli - Apartments Parioli - Apartments Parioli is a neighbourhood in the northern part of Rome. The name derives from the Monti Parioli, a series of tufa hills, and was given to the area before its incorporation into the city proper at the beginning of the 20th century.
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